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The psychoanalytic meaning of Kleenex and other stuff I want to tell you

Things I want to tell you:

1. Happy Thanksgiving, gorgeous you! If you are here in the U.S. I hope your tomorrow is filled with moist turkey, lump-free gravy, warm company and that your day is entirely trauma free( The holidays can bring our the worst in people. I think it is because expectations are so very high). My boyfriend, James Hillman, says it is impossible to go into family holiday fun without some expectations. He says that the best defense is to set reasonable expectations. My expectations for tomorrow are pretty low: I want stuffing, champagne and to watch Fred Astaire movies. I am going to start with Daddy Long Legs( even though the age difference/Oedipal issues and Electra complex that exists in this light-hearted musical romp sort of freaks me out).

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