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Rave Reviews

What authors and readers think of Tracey’s writing:

“Tracey’s writing has that rare quality of fearless clarity; a willingness to shine a light into dark corners, even if what is revealed turns out to be ugly or frightening. She has a self-deprecating, humorous style that is deceptively light and easy to read, but which holds a great deal of depth and poignancy. Perhaps most importantly, she is not afraid to be vulnerable. The large number of devoted followers of her blog attest to how this emotional honesty and clear, brave writing demand a response from her readers.”       Andrea Eames, author of “Ngozi”, New Zealand.

“There is a gritty, honest and mesmerising quality to the words of La Belette Rouge. It is as if Igor, my favourite character on her blog, has become my therapist and an integral part of my life; I race to read his thoughts and opinions at each session.  Belette writes with an honesty that is often heart breaking, that is at the same time confrontational and with a candour that stays with me long after I have finished reading.” Vicki Archer, author of French Essence, London, England and Saint Remy de Provence, France.

“I love your work… It’s so down-to-earth….Your success is assured; YOU MADE IT.” Carolyn See, author of “The Handyman” and book reviewer for the Washington Post, Pacific Palisades, California.

“You’re a beautiful writer, Tracey–funny, wise, sexy and insightful.” Jamie Cat Callan, author of “French Women Don’t Sleep Alone”, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

“People read your blog for the same reason that we read Jane Austen.  What does it mean to be a woman in a certain time and place?  What are the issues that women face in their lives, in society, in their careers?  What is the affect of environment on our well-being? What are the lasting effects of bad relationships growing up and good relationships that we choose to have as adults?  The stories of regular people are as interesting as famous people and we read biographies and autobiographies as ways to understand who we are. What you write is not just about you but also about many women.  Your ability to communicate it well makes you a great writer.” L.J., educator, Calabasas, California.

“I praise your writing effusively, but I am actually pretty picky about what writing styles I love.   I read so many blogs and books and poets, and there are lots of writers out there who are nice or good or whatever, but not consistently excellent.   Of hundreds of blogs I’ve read and enjoyed, there are probably six writers that stand out as amazing.  You are one of them.  I guess that’s my way of saying that honestly, I think you are the real deal… K.R., Writing and Rhetoric teacher and poet, Newport, Rhode Island.

“Your blog is the only American blog I really admire because your writing is fantastic and your personal stuff is brilliant. I do like everyone’s but only a few are worthy of longevity and you are one of them.” Kate Battrick, fashion writer, previously of Elle Magazine, London, UK.

“I just LOVE the way you write! … I could just read your posts for days, they are cleverly written and flow so easily (which is good if you are doing a book since that’s longer than a blog, lol)”. KT, Cincinnati, Ohio.

“I would love to buy any book/story/article/note scribbled on the back of an envelope that you have published. I love reading your blog, so a book would be even better.” notSupermum, London, England.


About Me

My name is Tracey, aka La Belette Rouge. I am a psychotherapist and the author of Freudian Sip @ Psychology Today. I blog about psychology, my therapy, dreams, writing, meaning making, home, longing, loss, infertility and other things that delight or inspire me. I try to make deep and elusive psychodynamic concepts accessible and funny. For more information, click here .
These blog posts are informational only and not meant to replace individual psychotherapy, counseling or medical advice. If you are in need of help, reaching out to a professional may help you decide how to proceed or how to find the care you need. For a referral, contact

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