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Freudian Sip

My weekly column at Psychology where I try and make psychoanalytic psychology accessible in effervescent and bubbly sips of insight and parapraxis. Come and see my humorous and, hopefully, insight laden column Freudian Sip. Media, fashion, pop-culture and other taboo topics are brought into the analytic suite and are invited to bare it all as they lie on a comfy couch. Recent guests on my couch: Vampires, Robert Pattinson, Twilight, Nina Garcia, Kleenex Tissue and Rudolph the Traumatized Reindeer. Who’s next? Come and see for yourself. No appointment required.

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About Me

My name is Tracey, aka La Belette Rouge. I am a psychotherapist and the author of Freudian Sip @ Psychology Today. I blog about psychology, my therapy, dreams, writing, meaning making, home, longing, loss, infertility and other things that delight or inspire me. I try to make deep and elusive psychodynamic concepts accessible and funny. For more information, click here .
These blog posts are informational only and not meant to replace individual psychotherapy, counseling or medical advice. If you are in need of help, reaching out to a professional may help you decide how to proceed or how to find the care you need. For a referral, contact

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