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In the media

Psychologies Magazine featured me in their July 2012 edition, in the article, I don’t have a thing to wear by Lorna V. featured me in their March, 2011 story,Talking to the “Naked Therapist


I was featured in Forest and Bluff Magazine, December 2010: A Rouge By Any Other Name: Lake Bluff Blogger Longs for Home


La Belette Rouge got some love from Sheridan Road. Kate Ancell writes:

Blogospherites might not know the name Tracey Cleantis (yet), but they very probably follow—at least occasionally—her hugely successful blog,, which has been named one of the top 15 blogs for Francophiles, and one of the top 15 memoir and psychology blogs (Cleantis is a Jungian psychotherapist and dream coach). And she’s currently working on a memoir about her life and time in therapy herself: Thursdays with Igor. Whew! All that aside, what we love about La Belette Rouge is her devotion to our very own North Shore—specifically, Lake Forest and Lake Bluff, where she lived very happily and where she currently longs to return. Her evocative musings about “home” not only have the power to make us nostalgic even in the present tense, but remind us to be properly grateful for what we have, each and every day. Come home soon, Tracey—we’ll meet you at Starbucks on Bank.



I have a weekly column at Psychology in which I try and make psychoanalytic psychology accessible in effervescent and bubbly sips of insight and parapraxis, in my humorous and, hopefully, insight laden column Freudian Sip. Media, fashion, pop-culture and other taboo topics are brought into the analytic suite and are invited to bare it all as they lie on a comfy couch. Recent guests on my couch: Vampires, Robert Pattinson,  Twilight, Nina Garcia, and Kleenex Tissue. Who’s next? Come and see for yourself. No appointment required.

I was invited to be a guest author at I wrote a list of the Top Ten Psychoanalysis Blogs that Freud and Jung would read if they were alive.

La Belette Rouge was honoured to be featured in an article “50 Excellent Blogs for Fertility Support.” I, it seems, made it into the humor category. “This blogger is full of humor when sharing her stories about trying to have children, hating where she lives and working as a therapist.”

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My name is Tracey, aka La Belette Rouge. I am a psychotherapist and the author of Freudian Sip @ Psychology Today. I blog about psychology, my therapy, dreams, writing, meaning making, home, longing, loss, infertility and other things that delight or inspire me. I try to make deep and elusive psychodynamic concepts accessible and funny. For more information, click here .
These blog posts are informational only and not meant to replace individual psychotherapy, counseling or medical advice. If you are in need of help, reaching out to a professional may help you decide how to proceed or how to find the care you need. For a referral, contact

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