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About Me

Why “La Belette Rouge”?

“La Belette Rouge” is French for “red weasel.” The blog takes its name from dialogue in  the film Amelie, in which a character dreamily recalls that her deceased husband used to call her “his little weasel,” and Amelie sadly replies, “I’m nobody’s little weasel,” (je ne suis la belette de personne). Tracey borrows “belette” as a term of endearment and belonging.

On La Belette Rouge

After teaching a class on the Jungian symbols in the film Amelie at the Jung Center in Evanston, Illinois, Tracey was inspired by the film’s presentation of its characters through their (often eccentric) preferences. She realized that her professional life didn’t allow her to share her own preferences, and began La Belette Rouge as an outlet for discussing her passions, infatuations, and personal life. Initially, Tracey primarily wrote on Francophile culture, infertility, and fashion; she was pleasantly surprised by the comments and conversations that her posts sparked in readers.

While undergoing personal transitions (including significant moves from Lake Bluff, Illinois to Los Angeles, Ca), La Belette Rouge became a home for Tracey, and a vehicle through which she could talk with readers about how home is created and discovered. She began two regular series on her blog, both dedicated to the notion of how place affects her and her writing: “Writing in Valencia,” and “365 Things That Don’t Suck About L.A.”  In 2009, she curated “Home Is Where the Guest Blogger Is,” a series of home-themed posts by other bloggers.

Today, La Belette Rouge is a place for Tracey to discuss psychology and her own therapy, though she still discusses fashion, living childless not by choice and whatever else grabs her interest or attention. In describing psychological theories, texts, and concepts, Tracey aims make these concepts accessible, and applies them to everyday life. She delights in the idea that readers connect with her work, and invites readers to join in the conversation through comments or email.

About Tracey

Tracey is a writer and psychotherapist exploring concepts of meaning, home, family, relationships, and dreams. She writes from both sides of the couch, providing her readers with real world applications of psychological theories; at the same time, she frankly and openly shares insights from her own work in therapy. Tracey writes a column, Freudian Sip, for Psychology Today and also writes for the Huffington Post. Tracey holds a Master’s Degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Counseling Psychology and has studied at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles. Currently, she practices in Valencia and Pasadena.

Her blog, La Belette Rouge, was named one of the top ten blogs for Francophiles by and is rated one of the top 10 psychology and memoir blogs. In addition to La Belette Rouge, Tracey writes “Freudian Sip,” a weekly column at Psychology Today. Tracey has published essays, fiction, and poetry in various publications (including the Sojourner and Mode Magazine), and her writings on her dog-aughter Lily will appear in Jamie Cat Callan’s Bonjour, Happiness!. Her essay “Prada Goeth Before the Fall,” will also be included in a yet-to-be-named anthology about women and shoes.


About Me

My name is Tracey, aka La Belette Rouge. I am a psychotherapist and the author of Freudian Sip @ Psychology Today. I blog about psychology, my therapy, dreams, writing, meaning making, home, longing, loss, infertility and other things that delight or inspire me. I try to make deep and elusive psychodynamic concepts accessible and funny. For more information, click here .
These blog posts are informational only and not meant to replace individual psychotherapy, counseling or medical advice. If you are in need of help, reaching out to a professional may help you decide how to proceed or how to find the care you need. For a referral, contact

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